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Carpet Cleaning
For many reasons, a professional carpet cleaning company like I CLEAN CARPETS, is a good investment. A deep clean lengthens the life of your carpets, makes your home healthier, and keeps you from taking on a task that is often more involved than most do it yourself projects. While regular vacuuming and cleaning will work for day-to-day and week-to-week home cleaning, it is a good idea to schedule a regular professional cleaning. Only those technicians can successfully remove household dust, dust mites (droppings, shells and larvae), pet hairs, food particles, pollen and dander If you do this, you will find that you extend the life of your carpet and make your home a more enjoyable, beautiful place. That’s why the I CLEAN CARPETS carpet cleaning experts are always here to help.
Tile and Grout Cleaning
The first piece of tile and grout cleaning advice we have is to clean your grout as often as possible. The longer you let dirt and stains sit in the grout, the deeper they will go and the harder they will be to get out no matter what you do. Our next advice is to stop trying to clean them on your own and get some help. Renting industrial strength cleaning equipment can be both dangerous and ineffective if you are not properly trained. Instead of using this kind of equipment on your own, you should hire a professional grout cleaning service instead. I CLEAN CARPETS prides itself on their ability to clean and remove residue build up and restore your tile and grout to the original luster it once held. The professionals at I CLEAN CARPETS know just what your ceramic or travertine tile requires to produce the like-new results you would expect.
Area Rug Cleaning
To begin with, daily or weekly vacuuming is a good start to help keep your area rugs looking at their peak of perfection. But after a while, it’s time to call for an expert rug cleaner. While we do not clean antique, Oriental or silk rugs, we take pride in I CLEAN CARPETS area rug cleaning services for all your general rugs. Our first advice to you is to have your area rug cleaned by us every 1 to 2 years depending on the amount of traffic on the rug.  It is important to have it cleaned professionally because, as the rug is used, dust, dirt and broken fiber get into the foundation. I CLEAN CARPETS will remove dust and particles from the rug with special equipment to get all of these elements out of the foundation before washing the rug. We will then wash the rug using state of the art equipment and insure your decorative rug is like new, once again.
Upholstery Cleaning
At I CLEAN CARPETS, we have become specialists in restoring the beauty, comfort and original freshness of all your dear upholstered furniture. Did you know that deep fabric restoration can effectively and economically extend the comfort life of your upholstery by cleaning up and removing household dust, dust mites (droppings, shells and larvae), pet hairs, food particles, pollen and dander? We take the time and necessary consideration for each individual’s piece of furniture to discern the most effective treatment. Such variables as color fastness, fabric stability, age etc. will affect the choice of the method used. We will do our utmost to remove stubborn stains and odors as part of our overall treatment. Allow the I CLEAN CARPETS professionals a chance to make your upholstered furniture chairs, sofas, or loveseats smell and shine like they once did.

I CLEAN CARPETS is a small, family-owned and operated, service business that was created 13 years ago to fill a void left by the common cleaners. Too many other of those “big” carpet cleaning companies make claims they cannot support and, because, of that, I CLEAN CARPETS was born. We have pledged to become your next best carpet cleaner by doing what they don’t or can’t. We offer personal service and our personal pledge to be honest, fair, and never too big to care.
Thank you for allowing us to service you.

Although there are many carpet cleaning companies that claim to be good at stain and odor removal, few can do a truly professional job. Our technician is so well trained that there is no situation beyond his scope of expertise. Whether stains are an issue or simply everyday wear has caused your carpet to mat down, we will do the utmost to revitalize your fibers. We will use our truck-mounted, hot-steam, extraction process to cleanse and restore the former glory, softness, and texture that your carpet deserves.  We do this for your valued rugs, chairs, and sofas as well, insuring they will be spot and odor-free. In addition, will restore old grout and ceramic and travertine tile to a like-new condition.
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